Our lunch, supper and in-between menu is served from noon (apart from Sunday, when only our brilliant Brunch menu is available ).

Book a table at Mud Dock Café

We take bookings for any meal, any day. Make a reservation for up to 8 people right here, right now. For bookings at short notice (or if it’s after 3pm and you’d like a table this evening) call us on 0117 934 9734.


For 1 / for 2 to share. With bread, pickles and salad.

Home-roasted ham £9/15
Somerset cheeses (V) £9/15
Home-roasted ham and cheeses £12/18


Chicken shawarma with slaw, Greek yoghurt and flatbread £13.50
Salad Nicoise: crunchy leaves with green beans, egg, potato, tomatoes, anchovy, capers (GF) £12.00
Turmeric giant couscous with broad bean falafel and tomato pesto (V)[N] £12.00
Chickpea salad with hummus, marinated halloumi and a harissa dressing (V,GF)[N] £12.00


All come in ciabatta buns, with chunky chips and salad. Add: Cheese £1.50, Jalapeños £1, Bacon £2, Halloumi £2, Onion rings £2, Fried egg £1

American-style beef burger £12.50
BBQ pulled pork, slaw £12.50
Halloumi, flat cap mushroom, onion rings and tomato pesto (V) £12.50
Lamb, mint yoghurt £13.00
Mexican bean, charred courgette, Greek yoghurt (V) £12.00

Mud Dock Melts

French baguette with a selection of tasty fillings and topped with either melted local Cheddar or vegan cheese; with chunky chips and salad. Add: Jalapeños £1, Bacon £2, Halloumi £2, Onion rings £2, Fried egg £1

Bacon and egg £9.50
Tuna and roasted sweetcorn £10.00
Broad bean falafel and hummus (vegan cheese +50p) £10.00
BBQ pulled pork and slaw £13.00

Today’s specials

See the blackboards in the Café for our daily specials


Chunky chips (GF) £3.50
Chunky chips and cheese (GF) £4.50
Onion rings £4.00
Bread £2.50
Bread and hummus [N] £4.50
Garlic bread £3.50
Garlic bread and cheese £4.00
Pickles (GF) £3.00
Slaw (GF) £3.00
Olives (GF) £3.00
Mixed salad (Vegan) £3.50

Children’s meals

Any meal + orange or blackcurrant squash + a scoop of ice cream £5

Sandwiches: ham, cheese or both £2.75/£3.00
Homemade beans on toast £3.00
Sausages and chips £4.50
Bacon or sausage butty £3.75
Bread and hummus [N] £2.75
Pasta with a herbed tomato or a cheese sauce with peas and sweetcorn (V) £4.50


Apple crumble with creme anglaise £6.75
Warm double-chocolate brownie with ice cream £6.75
Selection of ice cream and sorbets £6.75
Lemon tart with fruit compote and Chantilly cream £6.75