Our lunch, supper and in-between menu is served from noon (apart from Sunday, when only our brilliant Brunch menu is available ).

Book a table at Mud Dock Café

We take bookings for any meal, any day. Make a reservation for up to 8 people right here, right now. For bookings at short notice (or if it’s after 3pm and you’d like a table this evening) call us on 0117 934 9734.


For 1 / for 2 to share. With bread, pickles and salad.

Home-roasted ham £9/15
Somerset cheeses (V) £9/15
Home-roasted ham and cheeses £12/18


Chicken shawarma with slaw, Greek yoghurt and flatbread £13.50
Salad Nicoise: crunchy leaves with green beans, egg, potato, tomatoes, anchovy, capers (GF) £12.00
Turmeric giant couscous with broad bean falafel and tomato pesto (V)[N] £12.00
Chickpea salad with hummus, marinated halloumi and a harissa dressing (V,GF)[N] £12.00


All come in ciabatta buns, with chunky chips and salad. Add: Cheese £1.50, Jalapeños £1, Bacon £2, Halloumi £2, Onion rings £2, Fried egg £1

American-style beef burger £12.50
BBQ pulled pork, slaw £12.50
Halloumi, flat cap mushroom, onion rings and tomato pesto (V) £12.50
Lamb, mint yoghurt £13.00
Mexican bean, charred courgette, Greek yoghurt (V) £12.00

Mud Dock Melts

French baguette with a selection of tasty fillings and topped with either melted local Cheddar or vegan cheese; with chunky chips and salad. Add: Jalapeños £1, Bacon £2, Halloumi £2, Onion rings £2, Fried egg £1

Bacon and egg £9.50
Tuna and roasted sweetcorn £10.00
Broad bean falafel and hummus (vegan cheese +50p) £10.00
BBQ pulled pork and slaw £13.00

Today’s specials

See the blackboards in the Café for our daily specials


Chunky chips (GF) £3.50
Chunky chips and cheese (GF) £4.50
Onion rings £4.00
Bread £2.50
Bread and hummus [N] £4.50
Garlic bread £3.50
Garlic bread and cheese £4.00
Pickles (GF) £3.00
Slaw (GF) £3.00
Olives (GF) £3.00
Mixed salad (Vegan) £3.50

Children’s meals

Any meal + orange or blackcurrant squash + a scoop of ice cream £5

Sandwiches: ham, cheese or both £2.75/£3.00
Homemade beans on toast £3.00
Sausages and chips £4.50
Bacon or sausage butty £3.75
Bread and hummus [N] £2.75
Pasta with a herbed tomato or a cheese sauce with peas and sweetcorn (V) £4.50


Apple crumble with creme anglaise £6.75
Warm double-chocolate brownie with ice cream £6.75
Selection of ice cream and sorbets £6.75
Lemon tart with fruit compote and Chantilly cream £6.75

V=vegetarian, GF=gluten-free, DF=dairy-free, N=contains nuts or sesame seeds. We’ve a small kitchen, so traces of allergens may be found in any dish. If you have a food allergy, please let us know.

Please allow 20-30 minutes for your meal at busy times. All tips will go to staff. An optional 10% service charge will be added to tables of 5 or more.

To avoid accidents please keep children away from the stairs and don’t allow them to run around the café. Thank you.


Our hygiene policy and what we’re doing to keep everyone safe

We’ve looked carefully at improving hygiene throughout the building. Surfaces are being cleaned regularly by our staff and we’ve revised our menu to reduce handling ingredients. All staff wash hands regularly as well as before serving plates to your table.

We’re fortunate to enjoy such an open and airy building which makes it easier to enable staff and customers to keep at safe distances at all times. You’ve probably noticed the tables are further apart than usual and we may use service tables for larger bookings so you are able to distribute drinks or meals yourselves.

Our menus are laminated and cleaned thoroughly after each use, or printed on recycled paper and used once before being recycled. We also have daily specials, which we list on our blackboards.

Customers who are able to reserve tables will be prioritised but we will make every effort to find you a table if you call us at short notice or from the carpark! If you have any ideas or comments on the above, please let us know.