Bike brands at Mud Dock

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25 years of dedication to bike retailing in Bristol has enabled Mud Dock to achieve the extremely rare feat of offering a broad variety of best and most progressive brands under one small, independent roof. We’ve worked with Trek and Cannondale since 1994, and Specialized since 2012. We’re also proud to sell bikes by Brompton, Pashley and Kona.

Over the past 25 years we have placed over 12,500 bicycles, mostly with people in the Bristol area. Some have changed people’s lives or made it easier, some have extended a competitive edge well into middle age – and we hope all have put a smile on their owner’s face.

Trek bikes at Mud Dock, Bristol

Trek is still a privately owned US-based business, and now one of the largest bicycle companies on the planet. It was started in 1976 by the current owner’s father, Richard Burke, out of a barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin. They were pioneers in the development of carbon bikes and continue to produce some of the most innovative products on the market.

Cannondale bikes at Mud Dock, Bristol

Cannondale, with their fat tubes and ‘Handmade in the USA’ tag, have always been synonymous with Mud Dock and continue to be so (although no longer made by rednecks in Pennsylvania!).

Specialized bikes at Mud Dock, Bristol

Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard and he still retains an interest. Their road bikes are perhaps the most visible in the professional peloton, being ridden by Peter Sagan (a triple world champion) and the team with the most annual race wins, Quick Step Floors.

Brompton bikes at Mud Dock, Bristol

Brompton is the eponymous folding bike! Essentially, a single model that can be configured to your need or taste in thousands of variations. It’s now our biggest selling bicycle, reflecting the changing work/leisure lifestyle in the 21st Century. The new Brompton Electric is considered a ‘masterclass in precision engineering’ by the mainstream press.

More about Brompton at Mud Dock…

Pashley bikes at Mud Dock, Bristol

Pashley is he quintessential classic British bicycle manufactured in Stratford-on-Avon. Essentially, they produce the same products now as when they launched in 1926. They also make adult tricycles and all the bicycles for the Royal Mail.

Kona bikes at Mud Dock, Bristol

Kona is the new kid on the Mud Dock block, but a long-established bike brand much loved by those in the know. We are now selling their steel ‘gravel’ bikes and the UTE cargo bike.

A more fitting approach…

Anyone can sell a new bike to a cycle-hungry customer. But to us, it’s important to help you get the right bike in the right size – and ensure it’s set up to suit you and your style of riding.

This can involve fine-tuning everything from the adjusting the height and the rake of the saddle, to raising, lowering or even swapping out the stem and handlebars.

Comfort is the root of both contentment and performance, so by taking the time to use our skill and experience to fit each new bike to its rider, we get to see more happy people pedal off into the sunset (or Queen Square, Ashton Court or even the Alps).

Mud Dock bike fitting vernier

To peruse, pedal or purchase one of our bikes, just pop in to see us.