Cycle-to-work schemes

We’ve teamed up with the big names in cycle-to-work schemes to help you save up to 50% on a new bike. So if you’d like to make your commute better for you, the environment AND your pocket, read on!

How to get a new bike at Mud Dock through a cycle-to-work scheme


Your employer needs to be registered with one of the cycle-to-work schemes shown above.
If they’ve not signed up yet, give them a nudge and get them to click through to the relevant sites for more details.


Pop down to Mud Dock, choose your new bike and any related kit (such lights, a lock and a helmet), and we’ll provide you with a formal quotation.


You then apply online to the cycle-to-work scheme being used by your employer. Once approved, your employer will sign a Hire Agreement.


Next, you will be issued with a certificate or voucher, either through your employer or via the cycle-to-work scheme in question.


You can then return to Mud Dock and exhange your certificate or voucher for your shiny new bicycle (and any kit that was part of the package).


At the end of the agreed hire period, your employer may transfer ownership of the bike to you, or you can buy it from them at market value.

Please note: the six steps outlined above are just a guide – things can vary from one cycle-to-work scheme to another. If the bike you’re after is in the sale, it is subject to a charge of 10% of your voucher (eg a sale bike purchased with a £1,000 voucher will be subject to a £100 charge), and Halfords Cycle-2-Work vouchers attract a 15% charge on sale purchases. Any Halfords vouchers used redeemed against bikes other than Brompton are also subject to a 5% additional processing fee.

More info

For more details, pop in to see us, call us on 0117 929 2151 or click the logos of the cycle-to-work schemes listed above to learn how each one operates. (The Bikes for the NHS scheme does not have a central website, but details can be found via the NHS website for your local trust.)