Polenta and vine-ripened tomatoes

Lunch, Supper and in-between (from noon)

At Mud Dock, all our meals are prepared daily using fresh ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. If you have a food allergy, please let us know. During busy times, please allow 20-30 minutes for your food to arrive. Please note that we add a 10% service charge to all bills.

Many of our dishes can accomodate various diets. Please let us know your preferences.
V=vegetarian, GF=gluten-free, DF=dairy-free. As we have a small kitchen there may be a trace of some ingredients.

Flatbread and dips (from noon)

One flatbread + 2 dips £5.00
Two flatbreads + 4 dips £9.00
Beetroot hummus (Vegan,GF)
Broad bean and mint (Vegan,GF)
Roasted corn and jalapenos (V,GF)
Smoked mackerel and soured cream (GF)

To start or share – For one/two people

Broad bean falafel with beetroot hummus (Vegan,GF) £5/9
King prawn tempura with chilli jam (GF)  £6/11
Crispy chorizo with Mexican cheese sauce (GF) £6/11
Spiced lamb meatballs with walnut Romanesco (GF)   £6/11
Corn, green chilli and peanut fritters with Greek yoghurt (V, GF)  £5/9
Pork scratchings (GF)  £4/7

Mud Dock Ploughmans – For one/two people to share

With pickles and bread:
Home-roasted ham £8/14
Somerset cheeses (V) £8/14
Home-roasted ham & Cheeses £10/17

For today’s Soups, Steaks and Fish Specials – Please see the blackboard

To start/Salads

Nutty red quinoa, fresh herbs, dried fruits and citrus vinaigrette (Vegan, GF) £6/9
Layered beetroot hummus, bulgar tabbouleh and feta (V) £6/9
Mangetout, roasted corn, rice noodles, cashew, sesame seeds and a lemon/giner dressing (vegan/GF) £6/9
Roasted cauliflower and pomegranate bulgar tabbouleh with harissa and tahini (V) £6/9

Mud Dock Burgers – All served in ciabatta buns with chunky chips

Locally sourced beef with paprika £12
BBQ pulled pork, slaw £12
Halloumi, roasted red peppers, avocado (V) £12
Moroccan lamb, harissa, Greek yoghurt £12
Mexican bean, avocado, Greek yoghurt (V) £10.50

Add: Cheese 1.5, Jalapenos £1, Bacon £2, Halloumi £2, Avocado £2, Chilli Jam £1, Horseradish £1


Roasted cauliflower and corn with spicy tomato and Somerset cheddar (V/GF) £9.00
Caramelised fennel and goat’s cheese with chilli jam (V,GF) £10.00
Warm new potato, asparagus and halloumi with harrisa tahini and pine nuts (Vegan/GF) £11.00
Baked sweet potato with beef or lentil chilli and Greek yoghurt (GF) £13/12
Chicken shawarma with slaw, Greek yoghurt and flatbread £13.50
Free-range pork sausages and mash with red wine jus £11.00
Home-roasted ham, fried egg and chunky chips (GF) £9.00


Chunky chips (GF) £3.50
Chunky chips and cheese (GF) £4.50
Bread £2.00
Garlic bread £2.00
Garlic bread and cheese £3.50
Pickles (GF) £3.00
Slaw (GF) £3.00
Olives (GF) £3.00


Dark chocolate and walnut brownie, ice cream (GF) £6.50
Baked apple, salted caramel and Greek yoghurt pot (GF) £6.50
Oatmeal and white chocolate cookie and ice cream sandwich £6.50
Coconut and passion fruit panna cotta (GF) £6.50
Selection of ice cream and sorbets £6.50


To avoid accidents please keep children away from the stairs and don’t allow them to run around the café. Thank you.