3T is a high-end Italian bike brand and an exciting newcomer at Mud Dock. They are creators of the Exploro, the world’s first full-aero gravel bike. It’s a machine that hits the road-meets-gravel sweet spot by blending road speed with mountain toughness – and represents a direction of riding that more and more of our friends are heading in.

3T Exploro Race

Exploro Race

RaceMax gravel frame set up in ultra-fast RACE mode with 35–42mm tyres.

3T Exploro Max

Exploro Max

RaceMax gravel frame set up in unstoppable MAX mode with 54–61mm tyres.

3T Exploro Team

Exploro Pro/Team/Ltd

World’s first aero allroad bike fits 25mm road, 40mm gravel and 2.1″ MTB tyres.

To learn more about the 3T bikes we stock, or to fix a time to take one out for a spin, just pop in, call or email.