Scheduled Events at Mud Dock

An evening of coffee tasting and home-brewing skills, hosted by Clifton Coffee at Mud Dock.

As coffee-obsessed cyclists, we love the detail and focus that goes into making the perfect cup. There’s an entire story behind the journey your coffee takes from crop to cup. Join us at 7pm on Thursday 23 January to:

  • Explore the geographical, economical and socio impacts that effect the farming community who grow and export your beans – discussing the impact this has on the flavour in your cup.
  • Taste a variety of different coffees, discussing the flavours we experiences and the impact process, dose, extraction and temperature can have on what we taste, and why we taste it.
  • Look at how to get the best from home brewing – be that Aeropress, Moka Pot, French Press or V60 coffee dripper.

If you love your coffee as much as your bike (i.e. quite a lot) this evening is just the thing to lift the January spirits!

Cyclists enjoying coffee at Mud Dock

Book your place

Tickets cost £7.50. As well as acquiring coffee skills and knowledge, you’ll also receive a 250g sample of ground Clifton Coffee beans to take home. Only 30 places available.