Bike Maintenance Workshops

Whether you're a bike maintenance novice or a seasoned enthusiast wanting to learn some advanced tricks, our SERIES OF THREE Workshop Evenings are for you.

1Session 1 : Thursday 5 February 2015
Basic maintainance and bike care

2Session 2 : Thursday 12 February 2015

3Session 3 : Thursday 19 February 2015
Advanced workshop covering specific queries on any topic

Book your place now!

The three evenings will each commence at 6pm ready for a 6.30pm start, and run through till 9pm. The three sessions cost a total of £45. You can book online or in store. Unlike our women-only workshops, this event is open to men and women alike. Please note that we limit attendance to just 15 places, so get in quick with your booking to avoid disappointment!

An attendee at a recent workshop event, Katriel Costello, shared her view of the evening in an article on our blog. Katriel says, "Every kind of cyclist was there, from commuters to road tourers to town cyclists, each with a different range of knowledge about their bike's mechanics.

"Mud Dock workshops were pitched perfectly down the middle, allowing for all levels: from those who have never changed an inner tube to those who adjust their rear derailleurs just for fun."

So, whatever level you're at, if you've an interest in improving your bike maintenance skills this event is for you!