Great food morning, noon and night

In the beginning our aims were clear and simple: to serve great sandwiches, beer and coffee above the bike shop. As OUR customer base has evolved and expanded over time, so has the menu.

Mud Dock café chairOur love of Spain and the markets, the bars, the bakeries and the delis we found there inspired the original menu. Spicy chorizo sausage, serrano ham, anchovies, fine cheeses, caperberries, olives...

It also inspired our chairs – the current ones are based on some we bought from Walcot Reclamation in Bath back in 1993. Those original ones were made back in the 20s or 30s and originally used at a bullring in Vigo, Northern Spain.

As time has passed, we've meandered from this rustic Spanish theme and embraced a hint of other influences in the kitchen. Chefs of differing nationalities: French, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian has each made their mark. And so the Mud Dock menu has evolved organically to include chef’s specials and long-time customer favourites.

What we cook may change from day to day, depending on the fresh ingredients we buy. The blackboards in and around the café will be written-up throughout each day to show the choices for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tapas, evening dinner and dessert.

Get a feel for the flavour

To give you a flavour of some typical Mud Dock fare, click on the links below:

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