Polenta and vine-ripened tomatoes

Brunch + lunch menu

At Mud Dock, all our meals are prepared daily using fresh ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. If you have a food allergy, please let us know. During busy times, please allow 20-30 minutes for your food to arrive. Please note that we add a 10% service charge to all bills.

Many of our dishes can accomodate various diets. Please let us know your preferences.
V=vegetarian, GF=gluten-free, DF=dairy-free. As we have a small kitchen there may be a trace of some ingredients.

Brunch (served Monday to Friday until noon, weekends all day)
Granary toast with butter and preserves, marmite or nutella (V) £3.60
Two freshly baked croissants with preserves (V) £3.60
Granola with berry compote and milk or natural yoghurt (V) £6.00
Porridge with seasonal berries and honey or golden syrup (V) £4.60
Buttermilk pancakes with streaky bacon and golden syrup £6.50
Crêpes served with fruit compote and crème fraiche (V) or nutella (£6.75) £6.50
Mud Dock English Breakfast: granary toast, scrambled eggs, back bacon, free-range pork sausage, grilled tomato, button mushrooms and our own baked beans (can be GF, DF) £9.00
Bacon &  scrambled egg on granary toast £6.00
Sausages & scrambled egg  on granary toast £6.50
Back bacon butty or bap £4.50
Free range pork sausage butty                            plus fried egg + £1 £6.00
Mud Dock veggie breakfast: granary toast, scrambled eggs, sautéed potatoes, grilled tomato, button mushrooms and our own baked beans (V, can be GF, DF) £7.00
Smoked salmon & scrambled egg with sautéed asparagus and granary toast £7.50

Lunch (served noon ’til 3pm)
Today’s soup with bread and butter (can be GF) £6.50
Hummus wrap with slaw and chilli jam (V) £5.75
Today’s free-range pork sausages with mash, vegetables and red wine gravy £10.25
Home roasted ham cooked in cider with a honey and mustard glaze with free-range fried egg and chips (GF) £7.50
Chicken sharwama. Marinated Moroccan-spiced chicken on flatbread (can be GF, DF)  £7.50
Falafels with corriander, sumac and harissa yoghurt in pita (V, GF can be, DF) £7.25

Our burgers (served with home-cut chips)
Halloumi with portobello mushroom and tomato chutney (V) £12.00
Locally sourced Beef with a hint of chilli and smoked paprika (can be GF) £12.00
Mexican bean with lime yoghurt and guacamole (V) £10.25
Morocan lamb with harissa and yoghurt (can be GF) £12.00
Fish fillet with home made tartar sauce £13.00
Pulled pork with barbecue sauce and ‘slaw £12.00
A little something to add to your burger
Cheese £1.25, Jalapeno peppers £1, Bacon £2, Halloumi £2.25, Guacamole £2
Asparagus, quinoa and walnut salad with lemon and sumac olive oil (V)  £7.00 / 10.50
Smoked BLT panzanella salad £7.00 / 11.50
Sugar snap peas, radish, mint and feta with vinaigrette salad (V, GF can be, DF) £7.00 / 10.50



New on our specials board;

‘Jerry’s Pasties’. Made here in our Mud Dock kitchen.  View more Daily Deals…

It’s the new-age pasty – from £6.00


Our Ploughman’s boards: for one or for two to share
With home-roasted ham: cooked in cider with a maple and mustard glaze, Comes with pickles and bread £8.00 / £14.00
With a selection of cheeses: with pickles and bread £8.00 / £14.00
Home-roasted ham and cheese board £10.00 / £17.00

Side orders
Bread £1.50
Bread, olives and dip £3.50
Garlic bread £2.50
Garlic bread with cheese £3.00
Olives £2.50
Mixed salad £3.50
Chunky chips £3.00

After bites £6.50
Chocolate and berry tart £6.50
Strawberry and rose mess (G) £6.50
Vanilla panna cotta and berry sauce (G) £6.50
A selection of ice creams and sorbets (G) £6.50
Local cheese board and chutneys   £8.00

Childrens meals (please ask for either seasonal veggies or salad on the side)
Soup and bread £4.00
Grilled sausage with bubble and squeak, mash or chips £4.50
Beans on toast £2.50
Marmite on toast £2.25
Bacon or sasusage butty £3.25
Ham / cheese sandwich £2.25
Ham + cheese sandwich £2.75
Pasta with a Bolognese sauce or with butter + parmesan £4.50
One of the above meals, a drink (orange or blackcurrant squash) and a scoop of ice cream £5.00

To avoid accidents please keep children away from the stairs and don’t allow them to run around the café. Thank you.